Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located in Miguel Esteban,

a town belonging to the Toledo province.

Toledo is the capital of the of Castilla La Mancha community. Miguel Esteban is located in-between El Toboso, Quintanar de la Orden, La Puebla de Almoradiel and Campo Criptana and Quero.


Amadís de Yébenes vineyards are situated at 670 meters altitude in the heart of La Mancha and they are aged of 19 years old. It's worth mentioning that plots are separated from (conventional) adjacent vineyards by hedgerows of bushes. Our grape varieties are: Cencibel , Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Amadis de Yébenes uses vegetable organic

fertilizers for our vineyards.

We do not use any herbicide or pesticide.


Our winehouse

Our new build winery keeps the spirit as the esthetic

of Castilla la Mancha architecture. It is composed of premises to store the deposites and a cellar for the aging, and a floor above to access the

deposites and the laboratory.Learn more


Organic certification

All our wines are made with ecological processes. Moreover, our winery is corganic ertified with

Spanish and European Standars.We do not use mineral fertilizers or synthetized biocides in the cultivation process, respecting biodiversity. More info.

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"In Amadis of Yébenes we follow the principles of traditional production

using the knowledge of modern oenology." - Aquilino Yébenes -

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