Development Criteria

In Amadis of Yébenes we follow the principles of traditional production using the knowledge of modern oenology.

The main criteria are the following:


- Health Care of the grape exclusively

by organic methods
- Monitoring the ripening
- Low output
- Manual grape harvest with vineyard selection
- Selection in warehouse
- Control of raping and maceration conditions
- Long barreling
- smooth process
- selected woods Aging



Development Process

We do not use mineral fertilizers or synthetized biocides in the cultivation process, respecting biodiversity. Harvesting is done by hand in small boxes to protect the grapes. These, reach the winery in perfect condition as quickly as possible and then we carefully select only ripe and healthy grapes.


Furthermore, in the winery we make a new selection, and after a delicate press, they are introduced into the fermentation tanks where the grape juice ferments and macerates at controlled temperatures. The wine obtained by this process is carried to American and French oak barrels (50/50 aprox.), and after a soft and natural filtering is bottled waiting for the right time to be consumed.

Amadis de Yébenes uses vegetable organic fertilizers for our vineyards.

We do not use any herbicide or pesticide.

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