Our Winehouse

Our new build winery keeps the spirit as the esthetic of Castilla la Mancha architecture.


It is composed of premises to store the deposites and a cellar for the aging, and a floor above to access the deposites and the laboratory.


The total capacity the winery is of 60.000 liters of wine in bulk, 60 barrels and 150.000 bottles.

Thanks to his vineyards, meticulous making processes and excellent facilities, Amadís de Yébenes obtains high quality wines.



A natural and balanced fruit

Product quality is based primarily on its organoleptic balance and the high quality health of its components.

In addition we take into account the ecology of the environment and the presentation of the final product.

We think that a healthy and pleasent product must come from a fruit born and matured in a natural and balanced context, with minimal outside intervention and allowing free natural processes.



Our vineyards are located in Miguel Esteban, a town belonging to the Toledo province.

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Amadis de Yébenes uses vegetable organic fertilizers for our vineyards.

We do not use any herbicide or pesticide.

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